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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marijuana Growing in Chinese Neighborhoods

In the past year Marijuana has been found growing in two houses found in Rowland Heights, 2 in Diamond Bar, and two in Chino from what I remember. The news stories have aged a bit Supposedly Asian gangs are responsible. All these areas have large Asian populations in Southern California. Even the Economist had an article on it. Marijuana - Home-grownOct 18th 2007 | CHINO HILLS. One of the houses in Rowland Heights was across the street from an Elementary School and one of them in Diamond Bar was a block or so from the mayor's house. And near my daughter's middle school. What is interesting is the houses being chosen are not cheap! $600,000 and up and they are being purchased. Probably with zero down loans (poor bankers). Especially when you have to convert a house back to livable conditions so they can resell it.

This is a key quote from the Economist:

Like many southern California suburbs, Chino Hills has been rapidly transformed from a mostly white area to a rainbow one. Residents of such a diverse place may be more inclined to ignore odd behavior and a funny smell emanating from the house down the road—provided that the grass is kept short.



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