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Friday, November 23, 2007

Made in China on the Sly

NY Times Editorial on Luxury companies who make items in China on the sly. Typical tactics include black on black labeling for those labels with country of origin. Putting the last 90% (like the handles) on in France or Italy, or just changing the made in label. Pretty hypocritical.

What I liked was the part of the story that included Xenophobic (fear or contempt of foreigners).

Luxury brand executives who declare that their items can be made only in Western Europe because Western European artisans are the only people who know what true luxury is are being not only hypocritical but also xenophobic.

China makes a lot items for export, some junk, but also a lot of items with high quality. The headache is figuring out which are the high quality items (like ipods and a huge amount of the world's electronics).



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