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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Gorges Dam - Strange Politics

Lots of open press in China about possible issues with the Three Gorges Dam. WJS today had an article on the proposed fixes. It's great that China's government is being open about the problems, but why now? The amount of political capital by Li Peng that was invested in building the dam was huge. It has been talked about since Sun Yat Sen, around 1911.

Here are the possibilities:

1. Chinese Government sees so many potential issues they want them in the open before they explode (literally). Moving a 4 million people could have some issues, especially when some of these people have already been moved once and had corruption problems with their payments.

2. May be the Olympics are involved and China is becoming more open.

3. May be there is some type of internal power struggle going on or a way to show how the government is going to admit issues as part of an anti-corruption campaign.

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