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Monday, December 10, 2007

Things Not To Talk About - Taiwan

1. Blue, Green, and Red (their political parties). People have definite opinions on them, even people who have immigrated to the US.
2. President of Taiwan, Mayor of Taipei, etc.
3. Use of the name Taiwan vs. ROC
4. Taiwan independence
5. Taiwan being part of China (easy way to start a fight).
6. Forty Niner (no, it's does not refer to the California forty niners).
7. Chiang K'ai-shek
8. Taiwan Culture (this leads into the Taiwan independence discussion).
9. Pinyin vs. what is used in Taiwan for Romanization (it's not consistent).
10. Use of local dialects in Taiwan, commonly called Taiwanese (Fukien dialect).

I was speaking with an author and the author mentioned the controversy how in one book they mentioned China's leaders which included Mao and Chiang K'ai-shek so I thought this would be an interesting blog entry. Especially for non-Taiwanese and subjects to be careful around people from Taiwan.



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