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Thursday, January 3, 2008

American vs. Chinese Supermarkets In the US

A comparison of American and Chinese Supermarkets in the US.

Chinese Supermarkets that my family shops at include Hong Kong Supermarket and 99 Ranch Market. Both have live fish in them.

American Markets I have been at recently include Stater Brothers, Von's Pavillion, and Albertsons.

Vons Pavillion is aiming at higher quality goods. Albertson's has the annoying Video Monitors in my local store. It reminds me of a bad experience with Teddy Ruxpin when working as a sales clerk in a department (it was kept on during the entire day so you heard the same songs time after time and the gears were grinding).

Characteristics of Chinese Markets in the US:
1. Live Fish, Shrimp, etc.
2. Chinese Bakery with small loaves of bread that are freshly baked. Breads includes raisin, red bean, walnut, etc. Crust is very thin (like white bread).
3. 99 Market has a recording announcing sales (bilingual).
4. Chinese Vegatables
5. Regular American products (baby food, etc.) are usually more expensive than if bought in an American restaurant.
6. Mexican food section
7. Cashiers in our area are Chinese, with Hispanics doing the bagging.
8. Often have a Chinese Food Area (99 market always does, HK Market does not but located in a shopping center with lots of restaurants).
9. Will cook your fish for you in the store.
10. Vegetables are usually better priced than in US stores.
11. Usually located in a plaza with lots of Chinese restaurants and other stores.
12. When built from scratch, have a modern style of architecture that is ostentatious (pretty fancy).

Note where these Chinese Supermarkets are located, Rowland Heights area, has 5+ Chinese Supermarkets, 3 Korean, 1 Japanese, and 3 American. American supermarkets have been closing and Chinese and Korean supermarkets have moved into their stores. When we first moved to the area there was only one store in the area selling Chinese groceries and it was small. Amazing the changes!

Chinese Food Related Items:
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Dim Sum For Everyone! - Super cute book!
The Ugly Vegetables by Graced Lin - Another cute book where you find out more about Chinese Vegetables!

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