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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rose Parade Winners - China & Taiwan

China's entry:
Theme Trophy for excellence in presenting parade theme: Roundtable of Southern California Chinese-American Organizations and Avery Dennison's "One World One Dream"

Taiwan's Entry:
International Trophy for most beautiful entry from outside the continental U.S.: China Airlines Ltd.'s "Carnival of Taiwan."

China Airlines is currently owned by the government of Taiwan.

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Why is it so hard to find a picture of China and Taiwan's Float? I"ll add these later as they come available. Looks like the Tournament of Roses site has bandwidth issues.

1. When I did a search on google for a picture of China Airlines 2008 Rose Parade entry, my blog came up. I did a previous post on China Airlines Rose Parade Entries with the pictures I could find noting my frustration on finding photos.

2. The float builder for both the Taiwan and China floats is the same. Festival Artists (which needs to improve their web site. Sugestions - Pictures! List of clients with drawings. Other float builders are doing this).

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