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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese Kindergarten Activities

Some suggestions:

1. Have the teacher read a book on Chinese New Year and or Zodiac. Here is a Chinese New Year Lesson Plan I put together that includes the Red Envelope Idea. Another project is have them make their own Red Envelope out of construction paper.

2. Have them play some Chinese Games

3. Coloring Projects for kids including Chinese New Year Symbols

4. Bring in Chinese Food for the kids to eat for lunch (using Lunch Specials). If you can, but 8 items since 8 is a lucky number (and can be part of the lesson). If you can get the rice sticky rice cakes with a sweat filling inside would be something exotic. Chinese bakeries carry them wrapped in banana leaves (this may be too authentic, which leaves Panda Express or equivalent).

5. Fortune Cookies are not Chinese, but kids probably won't know the difference.. Interesting history. Post of mine on Fortune Cookies and where they are from.

6. There are a lot of customs for Chinese New Year. That would make a great lesson and activities. Like cleaning up the class room.

7. A book I have that has more activities for project is:
Celebrating Chinese New Year An Activity Book

You can also I am sure find them on the Internet. Making a paper lantern is a fun activity and I have seen some wonderful paper lanterns.

8. Per the Good Luck Life, The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture

Tangerines sound like Luck in Chinese.
Oranges deliver sweetness and wealth. When giving fruit, it should always be in even numbers and avoid the number 4 (unlucky number because it sounds like Death in Chinese). 8 sounds like Wealthy and Father.

9. Chinese Supermarkets also have cookies and candied fruit for Chinese New Years. The cookies are at reasonable costs. The rolled ones that look like egg rolls would be a good choice (and don't cost a lot).

I hope this helps!



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