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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl's/Women's in China's Status

From an economic viewpoint girl's historically in China have been of less value. This is because when the daughter marries, she becomes part of the son's family. I still see this even in the US, where sons of the family will get an inheritance, and the daughter's nothing. This is probably part of the reason that China has the highest suicide rate for women.

Two sad quotes from the article on suicide:

"In a woman's lifetime, she does not have any family love from the day she is born," said Song, who has carried out in-depth journalistic research into the phenomenon.

Opportunities for personal development and education were also lacking, Song found. "Girls are not sent to school, either," she said. "My impression is that in rural areas, a woman's whole life only revolves around others as long as she lives. There is not a single day that she thinks about herself."

article from the Washington Post.

China will have an issue that will grow, is boys who will not be able to marry because of a shortage of women. China has the greatest imbalance of boys to girls, 120 to 100. And the women who are there may put off marriage due to career reasons. The reasons for the imbalance are cheap ultrasound machines, 1 child policy, and abortions that are legal to the 9th month. Korea and India have similar issues with an imblance of males to females.

I have already seen where Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese will go to other countries, such as Vietnam to marry. Taiwanese men will often go to China to find a bride.
Conference on the subject

China's women in cities are getting better. An example is the richest Chinese is a woman, worth $3.4 Billion dollars.

Two books I like for self esteem are:

Empress of China (about the first empress)

The Seven Chinese Sisters



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