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Saturday, May 10, 2008

School Fundraising - Not Fun!

An article from the WSJ brought back memories of School Fund raising with an interesting title - Little Lomans

Lomans refers to the main character from a Death of a Sales Person, Wily Loman.

The problem I see with most school fund raisers is they don't raise much money. Our local school district is talking of budget cuts in the millions, and fund raisers if you are lucky bring in a couple of thousand dollars. Bake Sales a couple of hundred. Some school districts ask the parents to donate directly as this Steve Lopez of the LA Times wrote about Ponying up for a public education.

When I was in High School, I was selling waxless candles. They arrived late, and then delivering them to people and explaining they had ordered them was embarrassing. I had sold door to door and my neighborhood had many retired people on fixed incomes. After that, I refuse to sell anything that would embarrass me. That's probably one of the major reasons that I have a 100% return policy. If you don't like the Learning Chinese Products you bought, just return them. I appreciate if you don't take advantage of the policy (some people do unfortunately).

The big fund raiser at my daughter's school is Bingo every Saturday night, so I start my shift in a couple of hours.



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