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Monday, June 16, 2008

Las Vegas Chinatown

I am helping out a friend with a Trade Show, and we stopped by dinner at the Las Vegas Chinatown and then checked out the 99 Market. There is also a 99 market in Rowland Heights.

Some observations:
  • The Chinatown here has increased in size. Their is now a vegetarian restaurant (Rowland Heights has 2) and lots of restaurants.
  • The Chinatown here is aimed at Asians in general (Philippino fast food is an example, where in West Covina next to Rowland Heights we have a huge Philippine area). The 99 Market was smaller than the one in Rowland Heights, but still had a good selection.
  • The Chinatown here has a mixture of the usual tourist junk you find in the LA Chinatown, plus non-tourist stuff.
  • Food was OK and pretty authentic. We ate at a place inside the mall that was open. Staff wore a Chinese style shirt, that you don't see in Rowland Heights. More touristy.
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