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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tradeshow Experiences - Chinese Companies in Las Vegas

I am still in Vegas helping out a friend at a tradeshow booth.

Some things I noticed:
  • Two booths of Chinese companies with female employees wearing VERY short QiPao's. Of course there was the American company that sold projector lamps with 3 ladies with who wore something similar to what I image is worn in hooters. Booth was very popular.
  • Chinese company booth where the employees were watching movies, because no customers. It was like the company decided they wanted a booth, but had no idea how to make it so people would want to go.
  • Or course BenQ had a wonderful booth, as did many other Ethnic Chinese company owned boths (so please don't assume I am just picking on Chinese owned booths).
  • The lady who came into our booth, wanted a retail price, and when a co-worker from China asked a question not understanding, the lady just stomped away. It's disappointing when a person speaking to a visitor from a foreign country does not show more patience, it's not the type impression I want visitors coming away with of US people.
  • This morning I passed a booth that said easy to use and install - unfortunately nothing was working and the poor technicians were on their laptops desperately trouble shooting (not Chinese owned).
My booth was OK, but it will be a lot better next year. It was our first year and we did not have the best booth, but it was not the worst either. I already have a long list on improvements to make - like I do for childbook.com :-)



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