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Thursday, July 17, 2008

1 in 4 California high school students drop out, state says

1 in 4 California high school students drop out, state says from the LA Times.

I am glad that my state, California is finally getting a better understanding of the drop out rate. It's sad the high percentage, and in Los Angeles, I assume city, 1 in 3. I did my student teaching in a Los Angeles High School that has a 60% drop out rate. I had nice students, but many just did not see school as that important. I find the high drop out rate incredibly sad and in my opinion a huge failure of our society. In our ever increasingly technical and skills driven economy, education is key for a high paying job. The lure of a job at Home Depot that gives short term more money is nice, but in 10 years it's not going to be what you want. There was one student who dropped out of school and was a cashier at Home Depot. My friend called her the young entrepreneur.

Many of the issues mentioned in Walkout, the poor graduation rate are still issues, 40 years later. I would love to get a copy of a tale of two cities, that compared Lincoln High School in East LA, with Palos Verdes High School (super rich) by Paula Crisostomo (now director of government and community relations at Occidental College in Los Angeles).



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