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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Playing Chinese DVD's Region Issue

I just found some software that looks like it allows the playing of different zoned DVD's on a laptop. AnyDVD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am not sure how it works, how much it costs, legality in your area, etc... i.e. use at your own risk. There is a 21 day free trial. This is for information only. Prices is in Euro, because many people in Europe will buy DVD's in the US that cost less than in Europe, the only challenge is that pesky region coding.

DVD's are usually made with Region Coding, so you can only play it in your laptop DVD's from your region with the copyprotection being in the hardware. You get so many chances to change the zone, but after that it's permanent. Somehow the software can still read a DVD of another zone.



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