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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Riot Aftermath - Official Sacked

Chinese Bloggers Score a Victory Against the Government because the officials who messed up got fired. This is after China Riot - 30,000 People. My guess is the government was forced to take some type of action. There is a huge amount of anger in China against corruption and the central government has limited power. Especially when corruption probes get to high up. So some corruption probes are OK, but to many does not make the country look good, so this is discouraged.

My opinion is if China wants to advance, they need to fix the corruption issue. The nice thing about having true freedom of the press, is corruption gets out. Yes, I know the US used to have a real corruption issue back in the days of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Machine of NY and the the Meat Packing Industry was horrible. This prompted the writing of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair that helped clean up the Meat Industry. Tammany Hall was hurt when a Republican La Guardia (who hated Tammany Hall) was elected Mayor for several terms. Chicago still has a machine, but not as bad as the days of the original Mayor Daly.

I see International News helping to clean up China. From food safety to drugs to toys. All these have been in the last year in the international eye.



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