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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chinese Autism Program in the US

California Learning Center Offers Autism Programs Tailored for Chinese press release and an article from the San Jose Mercury News Autistic Asians get a window of opportunity

There is often a big shame issue and cultural issue with Chinese parents trying their best to help their kids. And some school districts focus on what is politically expedient, instead of what a child really needs. This is a sore point with me, for a class I was tutoring one summer had a child who was in a special needs class, and he had a balance issue but it was easier to just keep him in the class rather than challenge him. And the Father did not understand the school system so he could not effectively get what his son deserved.

If I went back into Teaching, I would probably get a certificate in Special Ed. I always enjoyed the classes I subbed in and I felt I made a difference with the students I worked with. I had a couple of Special Ed. teachers who insisted on me for their sub.



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