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Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese Learning Materials - Making it easy to find

An article that is thought provoking and is more aimed at Software than a web site such as ChildBook.com Ten guiding principles for interface design and some questions in the comments that are thought provoking:
  • Are we making someone’s job easier?
  • Letting them have more fun?
  • Helping them learn?
My problem:
  • Huge amount of Learning Chinese Products, over 100o live products. From DVD's to books to Music to Software. And then the sub-categories. And the textbooks.
  • And then lots of free stuff from listings of events, articles, coloring pictures, and crafts.
  • And somehow making all this content easy to find for my customer.
What I have done currently is:
  • Create separate main pages for each area such as DVD's, CD's, Software, and Music.
  • Create pages that list items by age.
  • Lots of links on the side for all the extra content.



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