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Monday, August 4, 2008

Chinese Tutors - How to find one!

I had a good conversation with a customer about finding a tutor to teach her Chinese.

Some of the ideas I gave her:
  1. Many Chinese speakers want to improve their English, so do a trade. I would place an advertisement in the Local Chinese Newspaper, since she lives near Rowland Heights that would be Chinese Daily News. Look for the page that had the classified adv., and call up the number. No Chinese needed (trust me, I have done it when my wife is busy).
  2. Place a free adv. in the local colleges. There are lots of Master and PhD candidates who are open to extra money, and some willing to trade teaching Chinese for Learning English.
  3. ESL Schools - Always full of Chinese Speakers wanting to learn English.
  4. One I did not mention was to find another Mother who wants to improve their English. Chinese Daily News is probably the best for this one.
  5. Try Craig's list.

She also had excellent taste in her purchases. She bought Land of the Dragon - A Documentary of China - DVD , a great documentary on China and the Lady White Snake Book and DVD Bundle.



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