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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Advanced Learning Chinese Textbooks - Daily Chinese

Wendy Lin, the author of the popular Learning Chinese Textbook Practical Chinese for younger Learning Chinese readers, has come out with a new series aimed at older learners:

The books are very intensive and combine both Simplified and Traditional Characters. Daily Chinese is for both beginning and intermediate Chinese Learners, but is meant for older students (6-12th grades).

Both Practical Chinese and Daily Chinese Textbook focus on building good foundations so they both give completed reading, writing, and speaking exercises. However, again, because the Daily Chinese content is more intense and the topics (such as shopping and dining) are related to young adults, it does not fit the use of younger kids.

Daily Chinese Textbook includes:
  • Word banks provide additional words, making learning more flexible.
  • Gradually expanded sentence structures make the learning easier.
  • Later chapters review on the previously learned concept.
  • Culture introduction is incorporated into the learning.
  • Additional learning activities are provided in the book.
  • This book overall helps learners build a good foundation for further learning.
  • Daily Chinese Workbook is available for additional writing and reading exercises.

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