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Monday, December 1, 2008

Chinese Business Horror Stories

A few of the stories I have heard about doing business in China.

Jude Shao, Stanford Graduate. 10 years in prison, finally paroled. A what is sad about this case is the evidence did not matter.

For Entrepreneur, Business Trip Ends in a Chinese Jail - Apex CEO took trip to China, and was forced to sign paper work giving away his entire business.

Miller leads effort on behalf of detained American citizen in China

There are 50-60 American citizens in Jail for economic crimes who are ethnic Chinese

Translation if your ethnic Chinese, the Chinese have no problem putting you in jail and it may be an issue of who has more power locally.

Hearsay/Urban Legends...

Many stories of Taiwanese who go to China, divorce Taiwanese wife, marry Chinese wife and start a business in China. Business does well so the husband has time in the US or Taiwan. They go back and the business is gone, or the Chinese wife has filed a lawsuit, or they get thrown in jail until they pay ex-amount of money.

Taiwanese American goes to China on business, and gets locked up in Jail. Ex Girl friend (Chinese), then goes to ex-wife and tells her husband is in Jail and needs $4 Million due to some business problem, and the ex husband's business has no money in it. Currently money request is at $1 Million. Ex Wife (Taiwanese) said we are divorced, sorry. Father says I already gave away my money to my two sons. Brother contacts US embassy who confirms person is in jail due to business reasons.

Taiwanese moves to China, divorces first wife, marries a Chinese. Does really well for 3 months, then new wife and his business partner make some type of deal and he ends up in debt and flees the country. Business and all money was taken by wife and partner.

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Anonymous mandarin chinese said...

These story are giving us energy that we have also do something different in our life.Really good experience for peoples which are interested to do somethings new in his life.

March 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM  
Anonymous chinese language said...

After reading this story,I feel that what happen with Taiwanese which wants to make carrier in china, but unfortunately they fell down in the earth and his carrier ends.

March 24, 2010 at 11:53 PM  

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