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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chinese History

I bought a series of DVD's called from Yao to Mao from by the Teaching Company, and today I watched the first 2 episodes of the 36 episode series. The lecturer, Ken Hammond, did a pretty good job. My parents, who I invited over for lunch and to watch the DVD's, commented they did the very good job with an area that is usually pretty boring. Minor points they would have liked to have seen more the bronzes (what do you expect from people to whom history is a hobby, and have Master's in it). The background of Ken Hammond is amazing what he has gone through. Someday I would like to take one of the tours his wife offers of China through the Smithsonian. OK, may be I use google a bit to much when I get curious on a subject...

The first two lectures were on the area of history I usually don't find very interesting, pre-historic and to me general background and were very well done. My plan is to watch two episodes every week. Chinese history as I mentioned before is an area I have not formally studied, but I would like to learn more about.

Some books I carry about Chinese History:

Ancient China - DK Eyewitness Books.  English.  Hardcover.
Ancient China - DK Eyewitness Books. English. Hardcover.
Our Price: $15.99

Really well done book! - DK Eyewitness Books. En
The Great Voyage of Zheng He
The Great Voyage of Zheng He, Bilingual Book
Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $14.95
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Bilingual in English & Traditional Chinese

  • Zheng He is the famous Chinese Admiral that lead seven naval expeditions for the Emperor.
  • His expeditions stunned the world with its daring exploration, immense wealth, and military might.
Great introduction book for children to learn about Chinese history



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