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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chinese Bilingual DVD's

I was just talking to one of my suppliers yesterday and they mentioned how well their Bilingual DVD's are selling, and I was thinking, not on my site. So here are some forgotten gems that are:

  • $19.95.
  • Good stories.
  • Great Quality!
Full name - Bilingual Animated Chinese English Books on DVD - Home Use Only

A couple of them... Monkey King is really good...

The Mouse Bride & Story of the Chinese Zodiac Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
Our Price: $19.95

2 Classic Chinese stories in 1 DVD

The Mouse Bride - �Are you the strongest being in the world?� an old mouse leader asks the Sun, Cloud, Wind, and Wall in search of a strong husband for his daughter -- someone strong enough to protect her and the village from the cat.

The Story of the Chinese Zodiac - How were the twelve animals chosen for the Chinese Zodiac? Why did the rat come first?

The Making of Monkey King & Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
Our Price: $19.95

Enjoy 2 Monkey King stories in 1 DVD!

Magically born from a rock, our Monkey becomes king and sets off on a journey to find the secret of immortality.

Later, Monkey wants to prove his prowess to all of the celestial warriors and ministers. Only Buddha is capable of taking down the rampaging simian - with the strangest of wagers.
Little Sam's Baseball Dream Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
Little Sam's Baseball Dream Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
Our Price: $19.95

Smarty hits a homerun, yet the ball is nowhere to be found. This time he applies the Law of Reflection to locate the missing ball. Observant Sam tries the same thing during the game, hoping to win the inning, but reaps an opposite result.
A Pot Made of Paper Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
Our Price: $19.95

A new restaurant opens in Happy Village, claiming to be the first in the country to serve food in a pot made of paper. This peaks the interest of Smarty and the gang. Finally, it takes a conversation with two out-of-town hikers and the understanding of centuries-old wisdoms for them to discover the origin of and the theory behind the paper pot.



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