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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dragon Boat Vocabulary!

I am working on more content for the Dragon Boat Festival Pages...

Dragon Boat Vocabulary

Festival - Day of celebration
paddle - Used to propell the boat
boat - Used for racing.
drum - Used to scare the fish away from Qu Yuan, now used in the Dragon Boat.
Qu Yuan - Chinese Poet
zhong kui - Demon Slayer, his image is put up on the Double Fifth to ward away bad spirits.
river dragon - Most powerful of Chinese Dragons
zongzi - Also known as Joong, glutinous/sticky rice in bamboo leaves.
rice dumpling - Another name for Zongzi.
double fifth - Fifth day of the fifth month, Dragon Festival Day. Unluckiest day of the year.
xiangbao - Fragrant pouches to protect the wearer against evil spirits.
races - a contest of speed
warring states - Period of time Qu Yuan lived in.
five poisons - Centipede, Lizard, Scorpion, Snake, and Toad are decorated on clothing, bags, cakes, etc. for protection against bites.
kui - Wandering Ghost
taoism - Chinese Religion
pacers - First three row of paddlers
engine - Middle row of paddlers
rockets - Paddlers at the back of the boat
team - Group of people
flag - Each lane has one
stroke - using a paddle to move a boat
charm - Worn on a person to ward off evil



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