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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teaching - Why being paranoid is good...

Sexting, where under age kids send graphic photos to each other is just the latest addition to a teacher's potential list of nightmares! The photo is considered child pornography and if a teacher or school administrator handles the situation wrongly, their career is gone.

Being a teacher to me is very scary, for it's so easy for a parent or student to ruin your career, especially if your male. A 60 year old High School Assistant Principal Mr. Ting Li Oei (Chinese American), who as part of an investigation had a student forward a picture to his cell phone so he could get it to his computer spent a year of being accused of child abuse and child pornography due to his lack of paranoia and technical savvy had the charges thrown out, but unfortunately his family savings have been depleted defending himself ($150,000), and not to mention the stress on him and his wife. My Students. My Cellphone. My Ordeal. - Washington Post. A site, Help Support Ting-Yi Oei where donations can be made.

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