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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dragon Boat Coloring Pages!

Ever wonder what the 5 Poisons are?
5 Poisons Dragon Boat Festival Coloring Page 5 Poisons - Dragon Boat Festival

Children on that day wear bracelets of five different colors to protect against Evil, they are called the Five Poison or Wu Du charms.

Cakes are also made and eaten in the shape of the 5 poisonous creatures, scorpion, snake, centipede, lizard, and spider).

Need a coloring picture of China's oldest Poet?
QuYuan Dragon Boat Festival Coloring Picture Qu Yuan, China's oldest known poet.

Are just want a bunch of Dragon Boat Festival Coloring Pages ?

I have 10 of them now Free for downloading!

With explanations next them, as I have done for Chinese Moon Festival Coloring Pages/Pictures and Chinese New Year Coloring Pages/Pictures .

I also have a lot of other coloring pages:
Free Chinese Coloring Pages



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