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Friday, June 5, 2009

Emergency Cleaning - Mother in law due back!

My Mother-in-law is due back tonight, plane arrives 8PM. You might ask, so what?

Umm, she lives with us when she is in the states, so we are in Emergency Clean Up Mode to prepare for her arrival. Last night I got to bed after midnight, but the house and her room are much cleaner!

And the night previously, I was up till the early morning the other night helping my daughter with a project for her AP Euro class. She got an A+ on the project, but I missed a bit of sleep so I came in to work late yesterday and today.

Good news was yesterday was my daughter's last day of school! So no more late nights for a while due to school! And once my mother-in-law arrives the emergency clean up comes to an end and she starts cleaning up (amazing lady, who has more energy than anyone else I know).

Amazing how your efficiency can drop when you don't have enough sleep. This was also the reason for no blog post yesterday.

So I am in catch up mode. And I still have cleaning to do :-)



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