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Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids Chinese Craft Time for Children's day?

Children's Day in China is celebrated during June 1, with shops giving away freebies to the kids.

Here at ChildBook, everyday is Children's Day. Kids can enjoy our freebies everyday so that they can enjoy and appreciate the Chinese language and culture.

Since today is Children's Day, why not spend some 1-on-1 down time with your child. Prepare a snack, then you both can make projects from our Kids Chinese Craft section. You can choose to make cards, puppets, paper crafts. Our latest addition to the project instructions is the Zong Zi wall hanging.

And most importantly, as she concentrates on the Chinese craft she's making, indulge in some easy talk with your child today, especially if you've been busy the past days -- how did her day go, what's her favorite cartoon now, stuff they have been doing with friends.

With some easy talk and laughter, for sure, the result of your kid's Chinese craft project will be fabulous. After the project is done, swap some more stories over the snack you prepared. You can even give her a star if she's up for those. Enjoy!

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