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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is best for Writing Chinese Characters

A customer asked what they should use to write Chinese Characters after getting
Long Is A Dragon - Chinese Writing for Kids by Peggy Goldstein

The book is great since it goes through how the character developed. So for a dragon, it will start with a picture of a Dragon and you can see how the Chinese Characters evolved from this. Yes, it's made for kids, but it's a great read for adults also! It goes through this for 75 characters.

The best is the Chinese Brush with Ink to capture the strokes and the differences in thickness. Stroke direction and how the brush varies in thickness when you are into more of an art.

For fun, any brush with paint. The type used in kids projects will work.

For just practicing, a pen works fine. Many teachers just use pens as a nice simple way to practice.

There is also two books that go into more detail:
The Chinese Calligraphy Bible and A Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy that goes into more detail on this (designed for adults).

Long Is A Dragon is one of my favorite books,

Long Is A Dragon - Chinese Characters
Long Is A Dragon - Chinese Writing for Kids by Peggy Goldstein
Our Price: $17.95

Pictures provide wonderful introduction
to Chinese characters

  • Kids find characters easy to remember
  • Great teaching tool for parents and teachers
Features 75 Chinese characters
Plus evolution of character strokes

One of my most popular books and one of my favorites.



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