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Monday, May 25, 2009

China and N. Korea's Nukes

China is unhappy with North Korea's latest stunt, a successful Atomic Bomb Test. Why is China upset? Because some in Japan are already talking about the being able to do first strikes. And what if South Korea and Japan stop trusting in the US nuclear shield? They will go nuclear very fast.

China can quickly cause the collapse of North Korea if it wanted to by severing trade links. So why does it not? Why does it catch North Korea refugees and send them back to North Korea to unpleasant fates in NK Gulags. Why does it send food and other supplies to North Korea allowing the nation to keep on surviving? If it just declared any North Korean who gets to China will be considered a refugee and allowed to go to South Korea, that would depopulate the North very quickly.

1. China does not want another non-communist nation on it's borders, especially one that has US troops in it (South Korea). If that is the case, I suggest the US make a statement that if the two Korea's unify US troops will withdraw or not be stationed above the 49th parallel.

2. China does not want to deal with the flood of North Korean refugees.

3. South Korea does not want to take the economic hit that reunification would entail at this time. They saw what happened to West Germany when the two Germany's united, and East Germany was in much better shape than North Korea.

BTW - China is indirectly responsible for North Korea's nukes. How, they supplied plans on the actual design of an atomic bomb to Pakistan. When Libya got out of the Atom bomb business, some of the blue prints they turned over were in Chinese. They had gotten them from Pakistan. China saw it in their interest at one time to have Pakistan go nuclear, as a counter weight to India (which China fought a war with).

My personal opinion I wish China would do everything it could to hasten the fall of the North Korean government. It would make for a much better world.



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