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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ChildBook Design Changes

I moved by ages to the top of ChildBook on the left navigation. Why, I thought it looked better.
I thought it was getting lost below the products navigation area.

As with all 5 minutes changes, it took a little longer to get everything how it was supposed to be :-)

Why does it seem most computer related projects due this to me?

Should I test it? Yes. Can I, unfortunately not due to system issues.

The problem when you are using somebody elses E-Commerce solution you lose flexibility, and in this case the ability to test is one of them. The positive of using a third party solution is updates, that you don't need to custom develop and pay for changes! Not to mention it's nice when you are not the only one finding bugs and then needing to pay to get the bugs fixed if you have a custom solution. At a company I worked for had developed internally a system that was world class, the challenge was when the main programmer left after the initial project was finished, getting changes done became almost impossible. So with the Y2K crises, the company went with an off the shelf solution. Not as good, but at least new versions did come out from time to time and interfacing was much easier with good documentation. Another issue with custom designs is documentation...



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