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Monday, June 1, 2009

Chinese SAT II - Should you take it if your Chinese?

Interesting discussion at SAT II Chinese - College Discussion asking if you should take it.

  1. Preparation material is available! 2 Volumes of Chinese SAT ii Test Review Books with hints and 6 sample tests.
  2. Relatively easy SAT II to add for your college application.
  3. Shows your proficiency in a Foreign Language.
  4. For the UC's, you need to take 3 SAT II's currently.
  5. Some private colleges also require 3 SAT II's

  1. It's imposssible to be in the top 1% on this test, sincesince so many native Chinese take the test and ace it (getting perfect scores).
  2. If your native Chinese, the college will discount your score.
  3. You could get less than a perfect score if you don't study, especially if your Chinese is not that great.



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