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Friday, July 31, 2009

Historical Chinese Pictures to See with your Child

Here's an interesting site that you and your family might like to browse over for everybody to see how China was in the olden years. It also has other photographs that show old Taiwan, Chinese in San Francisco and many more treasures.

The impressive collection is offered by Thomas H. Hahn. He is a lecturer at Cornell, author and undoubtedly very passionate about the Chinese culture.

Here is a sample photo I borrowed from his site :

1892 pic of Chinese in San Francisco
from Thomas H.Hahn Docu-Images

Thomas says he has more pictures that are not featured in the site, so you can just email him to ask if has any that you are interested to see. You can also share if you have old, treasured photos you want others to see.

Here is the url of his website: http://hahn.zenfolio.com/f240852810

Please also check out our Chinese history books for kids too.

Hope you have fun looking at the pictures. :-)

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