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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Learns Chinese 2nd Wave

Forgot to tell you that we're excited over the arrival of the newly released Baby Learns Chinese 2nd set of DVDs and flashcards.


The set includes DVDs number 4-6 and Flash cards set II.

The learning principles used with this Learning Chinese for baby is also from the Doman school of thought that believes babies can learn another language and can read if you just spend some time everyday helping them read in big figures. The Doman learning principles are not confined to just language but other cognitive abilities. The Doman book I have is the one about teaching baby mathematics. Exciting book, that one.

What I'd really like to share is the story about the inspiration behind the production of the "Baby Learns Chinese" materials. This is written by the founder, Ms. Yama Chan:

"After reading the book "How to Teach your Baby to Read" by Dr. Glenn Doman, I started using the flash card method to teach my twin boys how to recognize Chinese characters and English words. They were almost 1 year old at that time. I found that even though my boys could not speak yet, they were able to recognize the Chinese characters after seeing them a few times. It actually took them longer to learn English words. I think my boys found Chinese characters easier to remember because Chinese words are inherently images. To them, each Chinese character is, as long as the character relates to things that are familiar with in everyday life, they had no problems recognizing and reading the characters. By age 2, my boys were able to recognize about 100 Chinese characters. They are 6 now and they love reading Chinese books."

Ms. Chan then proceeded to team up with other parents and educators to spread this method to other families that want their kids to learn Chinese well and early.

Come see the newest Baby Learns Chinese DVDs 4-6

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