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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When a Daddy Becomes President...

Yeah, different segments of society have different opinions about the leadership of the current president. Some like him, some don't, some don't care.

But, when a dad becomes president, then there is a very keen interest in the education of kids across the country, even those too young to go to formal school.

Heard that there are proposals for a presidential fund that will boost enthusiasm for improving the country's Early Learning Program.

The funding will support programs that will encourage states to
  • work towards a higher standard of quality of early learning programs
  • let more kids participate in high-quality programs
  • deliver the training and support needed to prepare the kids with the cognitive, social, and emotional skills necessary for kindergarten success.

If used correctly, I think that USD10 billion will be one of the best investments yet in the history of.

Hope one of the thrusts is to help kids become multi-linguals... Chinese, please? hehehe

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