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Friday, July 24, 2009

I liked the Harry Potter 6 movie

A week after its showing, my child and I finally saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Special thanks to my sister who won free movie tickets in some raffle at the office.

I wanted to bring a truckload of tissue because I remember when I read the Harry Potter 6 book, I was sad for 2 days because of the tragedies in the novel.

I guess that abnormal sadness covered enough to get me through the movie. I didn't feel sad at all, even though the story telling was superb.

The movie adaptation, IMHO, is seamless. Very good treatment of the book, and I'm the type who likes to read the book before a movie adaptation so I can have the pleasure of massacre-ing the movie version.

But this one, no comment. Excellent adaptation.

Go see the movie, but don't forget we have the Chinese Harry Potter books too. You can choose from Traditional or Simplified Chinese version. These translations are most suited for advanced/intermediate Chinese readers.

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