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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Analysis of Chinese Anniversary Parade Symbols

BBC Article with great pictures - China's symbolic celebrations

Another BBC article made a key point:

At the 50th anniversary a decade ago, 24,000 soldiers took part in the celebrations. This time, only 8,000 marched past. The emphasis has shifted from manpower to technology.

A though provoking analysis from the Wall Street Journal with the following key points on the parade -my thoughts below in italics:

1. The Chinese state will try to project strength.
China is projecting strength as a way showing legitimacy for the party through playing up the nationalist angle.

2. the Chinese state, for all its apparent might, is deeply insecure.
Andy Grove of Intel had a book with the title, Only the Paranoid Survive. I believe this describes the Chinese leadership, especially with how so many other communist governments have quickly collapsed (like Romania). So I agree with the insecure part.

3. The Communist Party is becoming increasingly divorced from its subjects.
I am not sure on this. The party seems to be very in touch with it's subjects, it may not be reflected in the official media, but they know where the challenges are in China. Environment, Corruption, and the Economy and dealing with these is a challenging balancing act. Act to harshly against corruption which goes very high in the Chinese government and you could discredit the party. Environment verses jobs. And keeping a high rate of economic growth to keep the Chinese people happier.



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