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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bao Recommendations

My Mother in law (who I live with) makes Bao. She does a nice job and the dough is good. She's very opinionated when the family goes out to eat. I wonder if I can translate this The trick to making bao? Starting with the perfect dough

A couple of things in the article that I disagree with.

1. Just because a Costco carries it does not make it universal across the US. Costco's carry different items depending on their markets. The ones in the LA area seem to carry more Asian items than other Costco's. I was pleasantly surprised by my local Costco carrying Moon Cakes. And then selling them at $15.88 (being very culturally sensitive on the pricing, 8's are lucky, and you want to avoid 4's, so no $14.99).

2. 99 Ranch Market only has their stores in more Chinese areas mostly in California (28 of them). Most people in the US don't have a 99 Market around them. If you do, they are a great place to visit and they usually have a food court!

A fun book for kids to introduce them to Chinese Food is Dim Sum For Everyone! by Grace Lin



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