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Monday, October 5, 2009

Web Redesign = House Remodeling

The closest I can come to what a web site redesign entails, is remodeling your house. Your tearing your entire house apart, rebuilding it, while your still living in it. Remodeling is also pretty stressful if you have ever gone through it. It's a huge project that can consume your life. And you are doing a balancing act of being helpful, and getting in the way of the so called professionals.

The closest I came was when the second story of my parents house burned. We lived in the back in a trailer for a bit, the moved into the downstairs while the contractors rebuilt the upstairs. My parents and I (10 years old) did a lot of work removing wall paper con the first floor, that had been damaged by the water used to put out the fire (water damage was a major headache), correcting the sloppiness/uncaring of the contractors, and having them redo the work to do it right. It was very stressful for my parents, but the end result was pretty good. Even if we still kept on finding shortcuts the contractors had taken that were penny wise, and pound foolish and fixing them for years. Which is why I used the word so-called professionals, the contractors that were hired did a poor quality job that still leaves a bad taste with me 30+ years later.

The nice thing about doing it for a web site, like www.childbook.com is it goes a lot faster. And if your web site is set up correctly, when you make a change to a button on one page, every page that has that button is also changed. I am very lucky that I am working with a very talented web designer. The challenge is being helpful, and not getting in her way. Another challenge is I had made a lot of tweaks to my site to make it easier to use for customers. With this brand new redesign, all those minor changes are gone! It's a major task remembering what has been done and deciding if they should be put back in or not. For a minor change can have a major impact!

Probably what I really need is a brand manual, UVP, and tag line for my site! Just using some Marketing words there.

My goal with my web site is:

1. Easy to use for customers. No training should be necessary. Just intuitive.
2. Easy for customers to choose the right product.
3. Professional looking, and not the DIY look it had for many years.



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