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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Chinatown - Why No Great Bread Places

Yesterday after dropping off my daughter at So. CA Honor Choir practice at Nazarene University on Point Loma in San Diego, we stopped by a bread place that had a lot of people there. I did not even check it using Yelp on my iPhone that morning since I was in desperate need of a Hot Chocolate and the name was so cool, Rustic Bread.

We walked around the area after the Hot Chocolate (A+ quality, tables outside were a little unstable so a slight spill on me when I bumped the table). So we then went sight seeing and I finally got to see an air craft carrier. I had wanted to see one in New York, then another in Oakland, but there was never enough time. So finally I had enough time due to my daughter's choir practice in San Diego. The aircraft carrier Midway was a great tour. There were a huge amount of volunteers who were just full of information. We spent 4 hours on the carrier and finally left because we were hungry (they have a cafeteria that is OK, my only complaint was charging $3 a bottle of water, but it is worthy cause).

So ate lunch and went back to get my daughter. We asked if she wanted a hot chocolate and found out she had a group meeting at 8PM that night. Answer was yes on the Hot Chocolate - good genes :-) and we stopped at the Con Pane Rustic Bread, but right outside I checked it out on Yelp and it has 115 reviews! Wow on the food. Lots of it and very fair prices.

There are a lot of Chinese and Korean Bakeries in the Rowland Heights area, but the usual Chinese Whip Cream pastries. Not real bread places at all. At Con Pane Rustic Bread we had some more Hot Chocolate and I had a Roast Beef Sandwich. We also ordered a selection of the 3 sweet breads (my thought to0, but it was the sugary type) and we just told the person taking the order to select 3 pieces. We got 3 huge pieces of bread, one was chocolate, another hazelnut, and the third was a white bread along with cream cheese, butter, and a cranberry topping). And a seasonal scone. We only ate about a third of what we ordered, because there was so much food! And it was delicious. I hope one of the local Chinese/Korean restaurants decides to emulate this place (and separate themselves from their competition).



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