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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taiwan and China

Interesting Op Ed. in the NY Times on Taiwan's relationship with China that is a very good read, no matter your political view on Taiwan and/or China.

Taiwan and China by PHILIP BOWRING.

The big question is the relationship between Taiwan and China, and as the editorial mentions this is being figured out.

The editorial does not mention there are a lot of people in Taiwan who are deep Green (as well as Blue, not sure if there any Reds anymore).

Since I don't keep up much on Taiwan politics, my apologies in advance for any errors, unintentional insults, etc.

Colors of Taiwan Politics Explained:

Green = DPP or Party President Chen is from and is made up of people descended mostly from those in Taiwan before 1949. Also called native Taiwanese, but the aborigines were there before them.

Blue = KMT that ruled Taiwan through a dictatorship until democracy was introduced and has support initially from people who came over in 1949 and their decedents.

Reds - My take on Red was they just hate President Chen's guts. Since President Chen is out of office, seems have disappeared from Taiwan politics. Red with Chinese usually refers to China's government, which is totally different than this.

If you see people in Yellow Vests, usually religious.

And the majority of people in Taiwan are happy with the current relationship politically between Taiwan and China (if it's not broken, don't fix it). China is being a lot nicer to Taiwan recently, allowing it to join many international forums, just long as the Taiwan name is not used directly, instead Chinese Taipei is used.



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