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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learning Chinese by Rote a Mistake

I agree 100% that Learning Chinese by rote is a mistake. Good article about how Singapore is changing how they Teach Chinese. Learning Chinese by rote a mistake by Asia One.

The Learning Chinese Materials I choose to sell I try very hard to get away from the hole of rote Teaching by having products that are more interactive. That teach in a way that students actually learn to Speak Chinese.

I had a parent who has had their son going to Chinese school, but all he has learned is Chinese Characters, and not how to speak! She was asking between Chinese Made Easy for Kids and My First Chinese Words.

My answer:

Both systems are very good so it's hard to say which one. Better Chinese has more accessories.

If your son is into computer games, I like the Kuaile Hanyu CD Rom (depends on his maturity).

If you have a PC (not Mac, unfortunately), Kidspeak is good

I would also look into Songs for Learning Chinese. Singing is a great, fun way to Learn a foreign language.



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