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Monday, December 28, 2009

Chinese Santa - Creepy?

A friend of mine just asked if a Chinese looking Santa would be creepy. In this post, I have a picture of a Chinese Santa.

The differences that I see are:
  1. His skin is a little bit darker
  2. Chinese beard style as seen in pictures of gods
  3. Sash around him with some Chinese Characters on him.
  4. Not as fat as the usual American Santa Claus
  5. Not as tall, but has a more powerful build.
My thought is he is cute.

A long time ago while I was in college I helped put together a booth for Monitors for Samsung, and they had an Asian Uncle Sam. The Koreans loved it. My coworkers thought it a bit strange :-) I kept a poster of it for many years, but I can no longer find it (to many moves).



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