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Friday, December 25, 2009

Internet Connection Update - Finally Working!

My Internet connection issues finally got solved! No impact to my site, since this is hosted at another site, but my getting on the web has been challenging with my connection dropping all the time, and then reconnecting since Thanksgiving.

I spent about 15 hours on the phone with my Internet provider's tech support and went through 3 mode ms, and an onsite technician visit over almost a month's time. Yes, it was distracting!And I used to run an IT manager and know a bit about troubleshooting! I was very nice and explained to the tech why it was probably not the modem (3 of them would be pretty big coincidence), it was not the cable since I was using their brand new one that came with the modem and still had the same problem, and I was connected directly to the modem so it was not my router.

Finally I was working with a level 3 support group and they figured out the problem was a cable I believe. Which helped, but then it seems my modem set up had to be redone after the cable was fixed, so that got done this week.

I have no idea why I was so lucky, but I am glad it is over!

Tech Support organizations have levels of support. Level 1 is to solve simple problems and refer you to a level 2 for harder problems. Level 3 is for even harder problems. My first job after I got my MBA was working for a division of a mainframe manufacturer that provided basically 100% uptime. It was a good learning experience.



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