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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Learning Chinese Curriculums

Chinese Curriculums

For those just starting to teach their kids Chinese say ages 4-6, I recommend My First Chinese Words for parents that don't have a native Chinese speaker at home since they have an English Teacher's Guide. The Quality is A+ and there are so many associated products. You can get a CD Rom, Teacher's Guide, Flash Cards, Songs, more books, etc. And if you continue with the Better Chinese System it goes all the way through High School. Better Chinese has the most complete curriculum and a huge assortment of products to go with it. M

If you have a native Chinese speaker at home, I recommend Chinese Made Easy for Kids since it covers the curriculum of My First Chinese Words as well as My First Chinese Reader. The positive is the price is lower, but then it does not have as much support material. Many schools are also using Chinese Made Easy for Kids and Chinese Made Easy.

For Middle School that is a challenging Age, I recommend Kuaile Hanyu for those Learning Simplified. Their CD Roms (I recommend buy those no matter which curriculum you choose, great price at only $19.95 and very well done. Cheap for Learning Chinese Software).

If you have a Native Chinese Speaker for Traditional Chinese, I recommend Practical Chinese for Ages 3 - adult; Grades K-12.

The hard part on making recommendations is every person is a bit different and it's a good idea to look at the sample pages I have scanned in (click on the small pictures under the large one) to enlarge. I have been surprised where some people love a particular curriculum, where other people dislike it. For some the pictures are perfect, and for others they are too childish. Learning Chinese Curriculum is a very individual decision.



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