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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Race in China - Good Read

From the NY Times - China’s Changing Views on Race. The article has the views of four authors. The comments are worth a read, I found they added a lot of value to the article. With China's increased investment in Africa and as the Chinese economy grows, more and more Chinese will come into contact with non Chinese. As well as the spread of mixed marriages in the US, and mixed children like my daughter. Not to mention the many adopted children from China with non ethnic Chinese parents.

We truly live in an interesting time! One quote from a rant by an author I read after 9-11 on what it meant to be an American, was it was not about race, but it was about ideas. I like that thought/idea a huge amount. China's government has the idea that being Chinese is based on blood. So if your ethnic Chinese, you are still considered Chinese.



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