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Friday, January 22, 2010

Chopsticks & when to use them

I am discriminated against all the time in Chinese restaurants.

Or are they just being polite to the white guy?

Three examples:

I am sitting there with my Taiwanese wife, and the waiter very politely puts out a fork for me.

The other day I was meeting with a Taiwanese lady for lunch who asked if I wanted a fork. I answered after 12 years of marriage to a Taiwanese, I was OK. And yes, my wife was also there :-)

And many times in a Chinese restaurant I need to ask for chopsticks, where my wife and family get them automatically.

May be if I use some Chinese it would get me less discriminated against in restaurants? Qing gei wo kuaizi for please give me chopsticks. The other important word in Chinese restaurants I use is bing Shui (bing means ice and shui water ). Phrase to ask for water - qing gei wo yi bei shui. And Ice Cream (another great word I learned from my daughter when she was a toddler - bing chi lin.

At home my family uses both chopsticks and forks. It depends on what we are eating. For some dishes it makes more sense to use a knife and fork, for others it makes more sense to use chopsticks. And others fingers (such as chicken drum sticks).

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