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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day, New Year Clash; Moms' Heartburn

Good Wall Street Journal Article - Valentine's Day, New Year Clash; Moms' Heartburn

A fun to read post - Wanted: Rental Boyfriend for Lunar New Year from the NY Times.

In my family the big dinner is Chinese New Year's Eve, so there was no overlap between Chinese New Years and Valentines Day. But, being a Father took priority over Valentines Day, so my wife and I treated my daughter to a very nice breakfast for a late Birthday Gift. On her actual Birthday we went to Cal Poly's, The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch. Great restaurant that is student run and lives the educational experience of Cal Poly's learn by doing.

My Chinese New Year Dinner (my Mother in law did an amazing job cooking!

- Fish (2 of them)
- Noodles
- Taiwanese Sausage (she makes it). Beautifully laid out on lettuce leaves.
- Deep Fried Sweet Rice in an egg roll
- Squid
- Beef Ribs (I cooked this with my wife).
- Rice
- Sweet Potato Tempura
- Chicken
- Bok Choi (green vegetable)

I wish I had taken a photo. It was an incredible amount of food that would compare favorably to any Thanksgiving dinner.



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