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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taiwanese Food Tour Arcadia

Arcadia: A Taste of Taiwan with Discount Tickets available through GoldStar. By SixTaste

- Soup Dumpings at Din Tai Fung
- Traditional Taiwanese Baked Goods at JJ Bakery
- Taiwanese snacks and street food at Sinbala
- Japanese influenced Taiwanese desserts at Bin Bin Conjac

Din Tai Fung is very good, but expensive, portions are small, and a long line. Being able to see the kitchen is nice. Longer blog post about them.

JJ Bakery is very nice. Post about the different types of Chinese bakeries.

I have not been to the other two places yet. I like Live Plaza with their Mango Smoothy, but the dishes there are not very Taiwanese. There is a food court at the 99 market just down Duarte.



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