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Monday, July 12, 2010

Chinese Bakeries & Cupcakes

My daughter is into cupcakes, but unfortunately there are no local cupcakes sellers. And for some reason none of the many Chinese bakeries in the area have gone into cupcakes. Yes, you can buy cupcakes at the local groceries and starbucks has a few. I am frankly puzzled by why the Chinese bakeries have not started to sell cupcakes. With the amazing cakes they make, I see this as a natural area for expansion. What I see is small incremental changes as they make buns that are no generic they can charge more for. Chinese markets have also gotten into the bakery area, but no cupcakes yet. May be because the Chinese bakeries are copying the latest fads in Taiwan.

Potential Business Opportunity - Open a cupcake place in Taiwan. A co-worker of my wife's a while ago when back to Taiwan and opened a Subway and did well. This was when Subway was just starting in Taiwan.



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