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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who's Searching for Chinese Made Easy?

For sometime now, the ChildBook people have been thinking of the 22,000 people apparently looking for Chinese Made Easy textbooks online.  Who and where are they?  If they aren't getting the book from us, why?

We always try to be a step ahead in giving you information so that when you need anything, it will be there conveniently for you.  We were concerned that we were somehow not meeting your expectations because compared to 22,000 we relatively were providing few Chinese Made Easy books.

After sometime of searching for answers, it hit us that yes, 22,000 people were looking for Chinese Made Easy.  But they were looking for food! There was a show named Chinese Food Made Easy... plus looking at data from other sources the searchers for the Chinese Made Easy textbooks were much smaller than 22k.

It was strange and funny because the answer was right under our noses.  We've been seeing top page results for food-related  Chinese Made Easy for some time now, but it just didn't ring a bell. 

So now we can relax a bit about that.  But if you do need information on our products, just say so, and we'll try to provide it so that it's easy for you to shop for your learn-Chinese materials.

Bye for now!

Please check out our Chinese Made Easy and other great textbooks are at our Chinese Textbooks and Curriculum page.

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