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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Learning Chinese Language and Culture Websites

Hi, all. I've been looking around the other Chinese language and culture websites, and I compiled the top 10 nicest ones you might be able to use. The first ones are about learning the Chinese language and the latter part are resources that may be used to help kids learn the Chinese culture.

Memorize Chinese words for kids - with pictures and exercises
This web site tackles 4 languages and Chinese is only one part of it.  But I love how it helps students to memorize vocabulary with pictures, sounds and games. They say the vocabulary games are like eating chocolate.  First there is a review of words.  Pictures are labelled with Chinese characters, then the correct pronunciation is provided with audio.  Then you match audio with the character, the correct label of chinese character with pictures, etc.  There is also a timer provided for the games.

History of China for Kids
This site tells about the different Chinese dynasties.  Nice for middle school students, or parents with small kids can get info there and explain to them.

China pictures from ChinaStock - Historical and Contemporary
ChinaStock is owned by Dennis Cox.  Images are copyrighted so take care in using the photos. 
But for viewing at home and sharing with your children, it is a treasury of Chinese-related pictures you all will surely enjoy.

More about chinese art
Learn about Chinese music, science, architecture and more! 
Features:  China Travel, History, Art, Food and Drink, Architecture, Symbols, Festivals, Science, Religions, Medicine, Books, Links

Common conversational phrases in Chinese in one site
For those who want to self-study, the site already compiled the top conversational phrases that will be very handy.  There are lots of text explanations and also MP3 audio of the phrases. Yay!

15 units of free, easy to use Chinese lessons
The studied phrases here are also useful, such as "If (someone) speaks fast, then I don't understand."
The pages are also clean and easy to follow, so it is nice to use for your initial lessons.
I also like the exercises at the end of each unit. In the first part, English phrases will be given then you translate.  In the second part, Chinese questions are asked then you answer in Chinese.  Nice.

Learn one Chinese word a day
For intermediate or advanced Chinese students who already know the basic conversations, this website is great because you can learn one word and its usage everyday.  Each word has an audio of pronunciation, an animation of how to write the chinese character correctly, plus lots of examples of word and sentence usage.  Explanations and notes also in English.

Videos of Basic Chinese Phrases
I also like askbenny from Youtube because he teaches Chinese sentences of stuff you actually use in daily conversations.  He's been around for a while now and last time I checked has 599 videos of Chinese phrases and sentences you can actually use.

Basic info about reading and typing Chinese in the computer

And of course, not to forget our own:

Chinese language and culture resources


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